Fables within Fables:

Did the guys play wedding gigs under the name Rex Doyle and The Primos?
true, with each reception, a different person was Rex Doyle (Rex had to make all the wedding protocol announcements). Other names used by the band were Dugan’s Boys, the Valley Boys, and Holy Cow.

Did the Fables once play a gig for donated food?
false,although billed as such and extremely hungry, that Montclair K of C hall gig was for donations.

Did they once play the same song twice in a row?
true, at Seton Hall, an instant replay happened to spite a rude audience. (The repeated song was this

Was the entire band busted at a gig at the Blinker Inn?
false, although when the second set started, the stage was manned by a trio.

Did Bruce Willis once play harmonica with the band?
true,once at the Montclair State University Student Center Pub gig, “Catacomb Night”,circa 1976, he sat in on a blues song. Several Montclair alumni have reminded Racky that he once had to persuade Willis off stage at the original Catacombs coffee house due to his disturbing the folksingers with his harmonica playing.

I heard that the Fables wouldn’t play when there was a full moon. Is this right?
false,it only seemed like they weren’t playing.

Is Russ Sarge?
false, but just like Superman and Clark Kent, they never seem to be at the same place at the same time.

Was Scudsy kidnapped?
false, he was stolen. People are kidnapped, get real. Often, the equipment would stay in the clubs overnight, especially when the clubs were within 10 miles of their home. Scudsy was taken from the Haineburg Inn in December of 1976. He was wearing his favorite pajamas with the red and blue striped sleeves (even though they revealed his cotton biceps). Scudsy was used on many occasions to introduce people backstage.

Missing Stage Prop

last photo, the Hainesburg Inn, 1976

last photo, the Hainesburg Inn, 1976


Do the Fables still play?
false, if you mean do they still play together as a group.
true, if you mean do they still play their musical instruments. Dugan plays professionally, so one could say the rest play unprofessionally (see Rheiner and racky’s music pages; And Hays can be found on stage in the Montclair area venue.)

Where can I purchase CDs?
Well, you can’t, really. Racky will let you pick out fifteen songs and then burn a CD for you if you can catch him in a good mood. And you offer him a beer. And you successfully answer the following question, “How much you willing to spend?” And, whadaya want a cd for? …when there are mp3s here and flac’s on Archive.org, all free?

What ever happened to ‘someone’?
Everyone wants to know where everyone else is, and what they’ve been upto. This site originally had login messages to post comments with the idea that people could leave messages, but this mechanism has seen little use. Many people have written emails to Racky to ask about particular people. Now, you can post your email address here and feel somewhat safe that a robot will not scan it into a spam list.

What ever happened to ‘someone’? Part 2
So everyone still wants to know where everyone else is. The post it email addresses didn’t work as much as the bulletin board system didn’t work. So, people write to me all the time. I got to be honest, I don’t know who half these people are. And the other half have disappeared off the end of the earth. Or something…