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House Chris Lorenzo & COBRAH - MAMI The Blessed Madonna - Serotonin Moonbeams DJ Koze - Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy) [&ME Remix] Dom Dolla - Miracle Maker (feat. Clementine Douglas) Kx5 - Alive (feat. The Moth & The Flame) Dubstep MUST DIE! - EAT DIRT CloZee & GRiZ - Color of Your Soul Figure & Lizzy Jane - Take Control SVDDEN DEATH - Maze of Punishment Ray Volpe - Laserbeam Drum & Bass The Caracal Project - The lights on your face. Luude & Mattafix - Big City Life Noisia & IMANU - Shift NotLö - Hold Me HD-4884 - Closure (feat. Medina Johnson & SPIRIT SERVER) Trap/Bass Nitepunk - Black and Colors Moore Kismet - Wasteland TroyBoi - Never Felt This Way Whyte Fang - 333 SHADES - Dark Wing Future Bass/Wave barnacle boi - 222 (feat. throwmance) Brothel - Running Up That Hill Flume - Go Dillon Francis - Don't Let Me Let Go (With ILLENIUM & EVAN GIIA) ROSSY - Heaven Techno Daphni - Cherry Recommended Articles Deborah De Luca - Is Mine (feat. Valeria Mancini) Rinzen - Passive Aggressive Robot Moby - Go (Anfisa Letyago Remix) Risa Taniguchi - Juggler Synthwave Carpenter Brut -The Widow Maker (feat. Gunship) Dance With the Dead - March of the Dead (feat. John Carpenter & Cody Carpenter) Adieu Aru - Release The Goondock Saint - The Night Driver Kasablanca - Immunity Midtempo Opiuo - Dopamine Zeds Dead & Blanke - The Machines Rome In Silver - Fool 2022 WHIPPED CREAM & The Duchess - Be Here (La La La) Rezz & Dove Cameron - Taste of You Dance-Pop Gryffin - Scandalous (with Tinashe) Aluna, Diplo & Durante - Forget About Me Zedd, Maren Morris & BEAUZ - Make You Say Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer Joel Corry, David Guetta & Bryson Tiller - What Would You Do? Trance NWYR & Wiwek - Cocoon Tritonal & Sarah de Warren - Signals ILLENIUM - From the Ashes (feat. Skylar Grey) [Paul van Dyk Remix] Andrew Rayel - Lifeline Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons - DNA Videos

EDM.com proudly publishes four installments of annual year-end coverage: Industry Leaders, Performances, Music Producers and Songs.

The electronic music production community released new music at a dizzying rate in 2022. And it would be unfair to its diverse range of creators to publish a nebulous blanket list of the year's top songs, so we've chosen 10 popular sub-genres and recognized five tracks, each chosen by members of the EDM.com staff.

Check out a playlist of our top 50 tracks of 2022 below, followed by a breakdown of each individual song.


Chris Lorenzo & COBRAH - MAMI

In 2022, tech house continued to bubble up from the underground and dominate the festival circuit. And one track in particular ran circles around the rest:“MAMI,” a four-on-the-floor banger by Chris Lorenzo featuring his signature basslines and seductive vocals from COBRAH.- Ulises Vargas

The Blessed Madonna - Serotonin Moonbeams

Backed by defiant, sassy vocals from Uffie and bursting with disco-house fervor, “Serotonin Moonbeams” was The Blessed Madonna's first original track since 2017. Its cathartic bridge lends to a rapturous anthem that celebrates the intrinsic bonds we're able to create “when serotonal conditions are right.” - Mikala Lugen

DJ Koze - Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy) [&ME Remix]

The dust is blowing in the wind. There’s not a sight for miles but the rolling hills of sand and brush. Your tongue is paper in your mouth. Suddenly, you hear a wave of sound. A light appears. If there was such a thing as a musical desert mirage, &ME has cracked the code with this enchanting take on DJ Koze’s 2018 original–one with the power to both quiet a crowd and drum up a storm. - Rachel Kupfer

Dom Dolla - Miracle Maker (feat. Clementine Douglas)

Amid a busy summer on tour, Dolla released “Miracle Maker,” a collaboration withClementine Douglas andone of the year's most anticipated house records. While he's released several hit tracks over the years, never had he produced one "that works every time,” he told EDM.com in an exclusive interview.- Carlie Belbin

Kx5 - Alive (feat. The Moth & The Flame)

In 2022, we saw the first full-year return to form for club events and festivals alike in the post-pandemic era. Despite house music’s exponential growth in popularity and new artistic faces that rose to the forefront even over the last year alone, it was two of the genre’s modern-day champions who best showed how it’s done. deadmau5 and Kaskade's "Alive" perfectly encapsulated the feelings of cautious optimism and hopefulness that reflected sentiments of the present moment. - Cameron Sunkel



MUST DIE! has always been on the cutting-edge of bass music, and he fanned the flames of that reputation with 2022's FERAL FANTASY album. “EAT DIRT” is its first track, and uses a barrage of bitcrushing, downsampling and other techniques to produce an intricate drop that hits with maximum impact. - Lennon Cihak

CloZee & GRiZ - Color of Your Soul

When it comes to producing anthemic, feel-it-in-your-soul bass tracks, both GRiZ and CloZee are second only to each other. So expectations were high back in February, when they joined forces in the studio before stunning fans with "Color of Your Soul," a fervid and kaleidoscopic dubstep record. - Brian Rapaport

Figure & Lizzy Jane - Take Control

Figure and Lizzy Jane's "Take Control" is as eerie as it is breathtaking, a vocal-driven dubstep stunner you can feel in your bones. Jane's haunting topline is a captivating cry for help, serenading us as a siren song that leads us to a devastating drop from Figure, whose sound design is as formidable as ever.- Jason Heffler

SVDDEN DEATH - Maze of Punishment

“Maze of Punishment,” the opening track of SVDDEN DEATH’s jaw-dropping debut album, possesses conceptual nuances more often found in Hollywood film scores and less in the heavy bass arena. Intense and masterful production sends us into a spiral of overwhelming darkness as he reminds the world why he’s one of the most exciting artists in modern-day bass music. - Nick Yopko

Ray Volpe - Laserbeam

After becoming the talk of EDC Las Vegas, Ray Volpe’s “Laserbeam” achieved the unexpected honor of becoming the dark horse song of the summer. The track’s robotic vocal one-shots and spitfire synths immediately hooked and united electronic music fans from all walks of life. - Cameron Sunkel

Drum & Bass

The Caracal Project - The lights on your face.

Along with artists likeIMANU, Buunshin and Tom Finster,The Caracal Project is reinventing drum & bass as we know it, leading a legion of hungry, contrarian producers into the genre's blindingly bright future. Case in point is his September 2022 stunner, "The lights on your face."- Jason Heffler

Luude & Mattafix - Big City Life

Luude’s take on Mattafix’s "Big City Life" is a stunning showcase of his prowess in the studio. Highlighted by growling bass, spacey synths and frenetic drums, the track beautifully breathes new life into the timeless 2005 classic. - Konstantinos Karakolis

Noisia & IMANU - Shift

“Shift," astandout track from Noisia’s incredible farewell album, sees the legendary trio call upon IMANU for what feels like a "passing of the torch" moment. Like a car chase through a cyberpunk city, the track’s breakneck beat—and its brilliant sound design— will run laps in your brain. - Nick Yopko

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NotLö - Hold Me

Beloved for her filthy experimental bass sound, NotLö turned heads back in March when she dropped "Hold Me." Anyone who's seen her live can vouch for her unbridled energy, and this screeching drum & bass record is a perfect microcosm of that passion. - Jason Heffler

HD-4884 - Closure (feat. Medina Johnson & SPIRIT SERVER)

The elusive HD-4884 saw a breakthrough year, but arguably their biggest blow-the-doors-off moment came with the frenzied “Closure” alongside Medina Johnson and SPIRIT SERVER. HD-4884’s hyper-computerized world accelerated into overdrive in this ferocious display of ming-bending sound design, turbo-drive drums and just the right amount of controlled chaos to leave you wondering where this heater is speeding turbulently towards with each passing moment. - Cameron Sunkel


Nitepunk - Black and Colors

Nitepunk’s high-energy, multi-genre originals did not disappoint as the producer made his mark on the festival circuit in 2022. Chief among them is “Black and Colors,” a track marked by a combination of bliss and bite. The track builds anticipation with breakbeat-style pickups before hammering the arrangement home with fierce, barking bass and booming 808s. It’s a song that aptly demonstrates why Nitepunk is a switchblade bass music producer well worth watching out for in 2023. - Cameron Sunkel

Moore Kismet - Wasteland

Moore Kismet’s “Wasteland” ironically contains no trash and only treasures. Driven by their innovative approach to sound design, Kismet's meteoric rise into the limelight has helped catalyze a paradigm shift in modern-day trap music. And “Wasteland” could easily be the turnabout's soundtrack. - Lennon Cihak

TroyBoi - Never Felt This Way

Pioneering trap producer TroyBoi kicked off 2022 with “Never Felt This Way," and while he released a bevy of records in its wake, the track held its own as his best of the year. Equal parts haunting and eloquent, the song begins with an enticing violin solo before TroyBoi plunges headlong into his signature woozy sound design. - Carlie Belbin

Whyte Fang - 333

When Alison Wonderland revived her Whyte Fang alias in late 2021, little did she know just how much of an impact she'd have. Replete with chilling vocal samples, distorted drums and mind-bending sound design, the minimal yet relentless “333” is a prime example of Whyte Fang’s creative prowess. - Konstantinos Karakolis

SHADES - Dark Wing

Fans of Alix Perez and Eprom's collaborative SHADES project understand the extraordinary talent at play. “Dark Wing,” which appeared on the duo's astonishing From a Vein album, is a microcosm of their brilliance, quickly emerging as one of their most prized tracks. Thanks to its deep, enveloping bass, it curates an ominous atmosphere that feels like you’re being sucked deep into an ocean where light can’t reach. - Nick Yopko

Future Bass/Wave

barnacle boi - 222 (feat. throwmance)

Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the burgeoning Wave genre, barnacle boi produces atmospheric bass and haunting melodies in “222.” Featuring an emotive vocal performance from promising rapper throwmance, the captivating track alchemizes distorted bass, eerie synths and rattling hi-hats for a Wave classic that fanned the flames of barnacle boi’s breakout year. - Konstantinos Karakolis

Brothel - Running Up That Hill

When Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" found new life in Netflix's hit sci-fi series Stranger Things, remixes from electronic music artists came in droves. But it was Brothel who rose to the top with his gothic twist on the 1985 classic. Despite operating as one of the Wave scene's most enigmatic producers, his reputation as a prevailing pioneer is unassailable. - Jason Heffler

Flume - Go

Like a walk through a meadow in the spring, “Go,” off of Flume’s brilliant third album, Palaces, is lush and organic. A stark contrast to the popular sounds of future bass, the track samples biomusic and nature, with bright production that lends to one of the most uplifting songs in his discography. Flume's ability to stoke emotion with just a smattering of intelligible lyrics is nothing short of masterful, and perfectly demonstrates why he's the genre's most influential artist. - Nick Yopko

Dillon Francis - Don't Let Me Let Go (With ILLENIUM & EVAN GIIA)

The debut of "Dillenium" didn’t disappoint in the slightest. With “Don’t Let Me Let Go,” Dillon Francis and ILLENIUM found the right combination of soaring sound design and heartstring-tugging lyrics to leave a lasting impression on festival audiences. The track was hotly anticipated after a year of being teased on the road, but here and now—over six months after its release—it’s continued to sweep a sea of emotions over fans worldwide. - Cameron Sunkel

ROSSY - Heaven

Back in May, ROSSY stomped onto Zeds Dead's Deadbeats label with "Heaven," a wistful and cinematic banger. Her saturated kick drums punch through the mix with sniper precision, clearing the way for crescendoing synths to course through all at once, like the rushing water of a river after a storm. - Jason Heffler


Daphni - Cherry

Crystalline synths glisten like raindrops on this maximalist techno track, which doubles as the title for the 2022 album it calls home (talk about hand-picked). Paired with undulating percussive rhythms and futuristic plucks, “Cherry” gallops like a unicorn sprinting through the underworld—we’re simply along for the ride on Daphni's technicolor warehouse fantasy. - Rachel Kupfer

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(Video) Best 90s EDM Mix for 2022 - 16 Remix Songs to Hype Your Day

Deborah De Luca - Is Mine (feat. Valeria Mancini)

It’s safe to say that late 90s to early 2000s nostalgia is having a moment right now, but the effects of that yearning have mainly focused on house and bass music. So it makes sense that the bubblegum pop and soulful R&B sounds of the past would eventually permeate the speakers of the underground. Well, they’re finally here, introduced by none other than techno darling Deborah de Luca.

And what song would de Luca choose to wave that turn-of-the-millenium flag into the dark corners of the dancefloor? None other than the quintessential 1998 love quarrel anthem, “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. Thumping techno beats and an R&B female rivalry that has endured decades? Yes, please. - Ulises Vargas

Rinzen - Passive Aggressive Robot

In his quest to craft cinematic, world-building techno, Rinzen centers "Passive Aggressive Robot" on “envisioning a near-future world dominated by (annoying snarky) AI.” Sharp-edged synths slice through a relentless kick while an eerie robot sounds alarms and fires warnings through the song’s progression. - Saad Masood

Moby - Go (Anfisa Letyago Remix)

There’s a reason Anfisa Letyago has been referred to as part of the “new generation” by the legendary Carl Cox. The Class of 2022 star has certainly helped shape the trajectory of techno as of late while remaining closely in tune with the classics.

Her remix of Moby’s “Go” stands as a prime example. While it'd ordinarily prove a tall task to bring something refreshing to such a multi-decade classic, Letyago had been subconsciously preparing for this moment for years. In fact, “Go” was among the first songs she attempted to bootleg remix when she began producing in 2012. Needless to say, she was ready to bring her cinematic brand of techno to this timeless dance hit, and write a new chapter in its storied saga. - Cameron Sunkel

Risa Taniguchi - Juggler

A dark and spellbinding techno record, “Juggler” by Tokyo's Risa Taniguchi lives up to its name. She juggles robotic, frenetic vocal samples, digital effects that sound like they’re from a retro computer and, of course, a pulsing beat to produce a techno track that engrosses you entirely. - Nick Yopko


Carpenter Brut -The Widow Maker (feat. Gunship)

A monster collaboration from two of the biggest acts in synthwave, “The Widow Maker” is a supercharged, metal-infused anthem that injects pure adrenaline into your veins. With hard rock vocals, dramatic clashes, plenty of guitar and driving synths, “The Widow Maker” takes the nostalgic, niche genre and adapts it for an arena. - Nick Yopko

Dance With the Dead - March of the Dead (feat. John Carpenter & Cody Carpenter)

Within a nanosecond of "March of the Dead," you know you're in trouble. Taking a page out of AC/DC's "Hells Bells" playbook, Californian duo Dance With the Dead kick off the track with foreboding bells and set the tone for the track's horror-tinged arrangement. What follows is a riveting blend ofelectro, metal and synthwave that features illustrious film composer John Carpenter and his son Cody, an esteemed musician in his own right.- Jason Heffler

Adieu Aru - Release

Adieu Aru’s impactful track "Release" contains all the bells and whistles of a synthwave anthem: complementary sound FX, emotive chord progressions, captivating melodies and percussion that superbly aligns with the emotion of the arrangement. - Lennon Cihak

The Goondock Saint - The Night Driver

Synthwave music is synonymous with late-night drives, and this track by The Goondock Saint transports us directly behind the wheel. Cinematic pads, warbling bass and fluttering arpeggios glide effortlessly through the arrangement of "The Night Driver," an instrumental that seems to make time stand still. - Jason Heffler

Kasablanca - Immunity

As producers, vocalist, and live analog synth performers, Kasablanca are rapidly emerging as a triple threat to watch. Furthermore, the duo’s sound embodies an inimitable blend of synthwave, melodic techno and even trance which has further put them in control of their own destiny.

There’s no better support we can point to for those assertions than the titular track off 2022's Immunity EP on Anjunabeats, a colorful, 80’s-inspired earworm. The record illustrates Kasablanca’s talent in composing melodic, visceral soundscapes. Through Kasablanca's deeply entrancing sound design, “Immunity” stimulates tour senses from start to finish. - Carlie Belbin and Cameron Sunkel


Opiuo - Dopamine

“Dopamine” kicks off with an expertly crafted, palpably raw tension that rises with each passing second. A hefty bass drop ensues, replete with Opiuo’s signature sound design. The funky and hard-hitting endeavor packs quite the punch with its barrage of acid-inspired bass, oozing with unrelenting energy. And it's all paired flawlessly with alluring vocals from his wife, Naajee. - Mikala Lugen

Zeds Dead & Blanke - The Machines

Zeds Dead's collaboration with Class of 2022 artist Blanke, “The Machines,” only served to reinforce them on the cutting-edge of electronic music. Contrasting a haunting riff and metallic bass stabs with an eerie soliloquy about an automaton takeover, “The Machines” is a stunning showcase of its creators' production talents. - Konstantinos Karakolis

Rome In Silver - Fool 2022

Fool us once, shame on you, Rome in Silver. Fool us twice? We'll take it.

(Video) Dance Radio Hits 2022 - Dance Music 2022 - Top Hits 2022 Pop Music 2023' New English Songs 2022 Best

This year saw Rome in Silver breathe new life into 2019's seductive banger "Fool," a breakthrough record for the electronic music virtuoso at the time. This time around, however, he dunked the track into a midtempo batter, producing a much darker rendition that runs roughshod with filthy stabs and piercing 808s. - Jason Heffler

WHIPPED CREAM & The Duchess - Be Here (La La La)

An antihero is born amongst the majestic rumble and grumble of this WHIPPED CREAM single, arguably her heaviest release of the year. It’s no wonder she’s become a soundtrack staple for video games like VALORANT, Rocket League and Paladins—WHIPPED CREAM’s work never fails to embody the herculean ethoses of those titles with seamless simplicity, resulting in sonic climaxes befit for a visual adventure or a festival mainstage. - Rachel Kupfer

Rezz & Dove Cameron - Taste of You

Rezz and Dove Cameron teamed up on one of the most irresistibly catchy midtempo songs of the year, “Taste of You,” a track that is simultaneously haunting, alluring and even a little dangerous. Rezz has owned the midtempo lane for a number of years, but it’s clear based on “Taste Of You"—in addition to the rest of 2022's Spiral LP—that she’s still breaking new ground in ways that evoke the same feelings of intrigue within us as when she first broke onto the scene.

From a songwriting perspective, Rezz continues to aspire higher and her work alongside Cameron proved particularly synergistic, with a mix of hair-raising lyrics and hard-hitting distortion that bounces around in our heads long after it's over. - Cameron Sunkel


Gryffin - Scandalous (with Tinashe)

“Scandalous” is an energetic single that pairs Gryffin’s immaculate production skills with Tinashe’s empowering vocals. The track is short, but it packs a punch from the first bar. It’s the perfect amalgamation of dance, pop and house with that signature Gryffin sizzle. - Lennon Cihak

Aluna, Diplo & Durante - Forget About Me

Sun-kissed production and infectious hooks are the hallmarks of “Forget About Me," a brilliant record from Aluna, Diplo and Durante. Bridging deep house production with playful pop panache, the instrumental makes for the perfect canvas for Aluna’s distinct and powerful vocals. And she delivered in one of the year's top dance crossover hits. - Konstantinos Karakolis

Zedd, Maren Morris & BEAUZ - Make You Say

In case you didn't feel old yet, 2022 marked five years since Zedd and Maren Morris teamed up for "The Middle." But the two reunited this year for "Make You Say," tapping red-hot dance music duo BEAUZ for the bubbly track, which Zedd said represented "the kickoff of a new chapter" after its release. It's a charming and quirky earworm that doubles as a phlegmatic middle finger to an ex who blew their chance. - Jason Heffler

Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer

It’s Britney and Elton, bitch. On the heels of being freed from the shackles of her 13-year-long conservatorship, Britney Spears partnered with Sir Elton John for the rework no one knew they needed. Titled “Hold Me Closer,” the record is a reimagining of John’s 1972 classic, “Tiny Dancer." The single debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Chart and has been remixed by Joel Corry and Purple Disco Machine. - Ulises Vargas

Joel Corry, David Guetta & Bryson Tiller - What Would You Do?

David Guetta had a typically monster year in 2022, but if there was one aspect that stood out, it was his chameleon-like versatility. One day he'd drop an electrifying "future rave" banger, and the next he'd release a track like "What Would You Do?" Created in collaboration with producer-of-the-moment Joel Corry and chart-topping "Wild Thoughts" singer Bryson Tiller, the pop-house hybrid was an instant hit after its March release. - Jason Heffler


NWYR & Wiwek - Cocoon

Originally known for their big room sounds, W&W have created a new alias for their recent trance productions: NWYR. 2022 saw the Dutch duo release a slew of trance records, but “Cocoon," a riveting collaboration with jungle terror pioneer Wiwek, showcases the fruits of their trance-fueled labor. - Ulises Vargas

Tritonal & Sarah de Warren - Signals

Tritonal released their 18-track album, Coalesce, on Enhanced Music in the fall of 2022 with a strong slate of vocalists and collaborations, but “Signals” (with an effervescent Sarah de Warren) stands tall amongst the others. It’s a blissful latticework of slow-burning progressions, exquisite sound design and atmospheric soundscapes that carries an unfettered emotion throughout the entire arrangement. - Lennon Cihak

ILLENIUM - From the Ashes (feat. Skylar Grey) [Paul van Dyk Remix]

German trance powerhouse Paul van Dyk is selective about his remixes as of late, but when he commits, he never ceases to seamlessly thread the needle between his own wheelhouse of uplifting trance sounds and what’s breaking in the dance music scene at large.

Few may have guessed van Dyk’s lush trance soundscapes would meld flawlessly with the incendiary sounds of ILLENIUM, but here we are. Similar to ILLENIUM’s approach, van Dyk brings both the bliss and the bite with this multi-drop effort, juxtaposing grinding basslines with his signature soaring synths. - Cameron Sunkel

Andrew Rayel - Lifeline

Evoking an intense sense of nostalgia, Andrew Rayel’s “Lifeline” makes you feel like you’re reliving the moment you first stepped foot into a music festival. Visceral vocals, uplifting synths and classic trance leads instantaneously transport you back to these memories as you close your eyes and take in the sound. - Nick Yopko

Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons - DNA

Andrew Bayer's double-album, "Duality," was one of the year's best. "DNA" is a bona fide standout from the expansive record, a stunning, vocal-driven trance anthem with tinctures of electro and a haunting breakdown that sends shivers from your neck to your toes. A stentorian vocal performance from Red Dragons is icing on the cake. - Jason Heffler


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